Top Citrus Trees For Australian Gardens

Top Citrus Trees For Australian Gardens

At Plantmark we stock a wide range of citrus trees. But what are the best citrus trees for your next landscape project? Read to learn more about some of our favourite varieties. 

Citrus trees are one of the most rewarding trees to grow and are often requested for residential and commercial garden designs. Not only providing fruit for cooking and drinks, with their bright coloured fruit and glossy, lush foliage, citrus trees are an attractive addition to gardens, courtyards, balconys, hospitality venues and schools.

When it comes to planting citrus trees, open free draining soil is the best, along with a sunny position. Although citrus trees can be planted in semi-shade, this often produces less fruit than full sun. With shallow roots citrus trees also require regular watering, especially in the warmer months and whilst fruiting. 

At Plantmark we stock a wide range of citrus trees in various pot sizes, including espaliers to suit even the smallest of spaces. We also have a number of varieties available, grafted into dwarfing rootstock, making them suitable for container growing or smaller gardens. With fresh stock arriving daily, you'll be spoilt for choice!

So which variety to choose for your next landscape project? Here's some of our most popular Citrus varieties for inspiration.  


eureka lemon trees at a plant nursery in Australia

Eureka Lemon [Citrus limon Eureka]

Eureka is the most common lemon variety in Australia. A bushy, large lemon tree producing several crops a year of medium to large sized lemons. The fruit has a thick rind and what many would regard as a 'true' bitter taste, high in acidity and juice content. The flavour is similar to Lisbon Lemons, but has fewer thorns. Grows well in most parts of Australia. 

Grows to approx. 4-10m H x W.

lisbon lemon trees at a plant nursery in Australia

Lisbon Lemon [Citrus limon Lisbon]

A popular and extremely productive lemon variety, growing to approx. 6-8m H x W. The fruit is similar in flavour to Eureka Lemons with high acidity and thin, bright yellow skin, making it great for cooking. Contains thorns. 

Grows to approx 4-10m H x W.

lemons growing on meyer lemon tree at a plant nursery

Meyer Lemon [Citrus Limon Meyer]

A smaller, bushier lemon variety growing to approx. 2-4m H x W. The fruit has a high juice content and a mild, low acidic, sweeter flavour. Heavy cropper producing several crops of medium sized lemons thoughout the year. More cold tolerant than some other lemon varieties. A popular choice due to the lush glossy leaves and aromatic fruit. 

Grows to approx 2-4m H x 1-2m W.

Tahitian lime tree at a tree nursery in Australia

Tahitian Lime [Citrus latifolia]

Our most popular lime variety with juicy fruit ripening in autumn. Easy to grow and with a dense branching habit, making it ideal for smaller gardens. Mild tasting, seedless fruit with low acidity. The perfect lime tree!

Grows to approx 2-4m H x W.

cumquat tree with ripe cumquats in plant nursery in Australia

Calamondin Cumquat [Citrus microcarpa]

A bushy citrus with an upright habit. Calamondin Cumquat has glossy green leaves and small, round, orange fruit throughout the year. The fruit is acidic and sour, making it suitable for marmalade, preserves and liqueurs. Highly ornamental and great as a feature tree or planted in pots.

Grows to approx 3m H x 1.5m W.

Imprerial Mandarin trees shown at tree nursery in Australia

Imperial Mandarin [Citrus reticulata Imperial]

Great tasting, sweet fruit with bright orange skin and very few seeds. The fruit is easy to peel, making it popular with families and children. A proven performer and our most popular mandarin variety. Fruit ripens in winter.

Grows to approx 2-4m H x W.

Two Washington Navel orange trees in pots at a plant nursery in Australia

Washington Navel Orange [Citrus sinensis Washington Navel]

Our most popular orange variety and great for cooler climates. The fruit ripens in early winter and is juicy, seedless and has an excellent sweet flavour. Well suited to cool climates. 

Grows to approx 4-10m H x W.


What do you think of our list of top citrus trees? Let us know in the comments. 

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