Top 5 Popular Apple Trees for Australian Backyards

Top 5 Popular Apple Trees for Australian Backyards

Our most popular apple tree varieties revealed!

With beautiful blooms in spring and branches laden with delicious fruit in the autumn, apple trees have timeless appeal. Oozing with natural charm, apple trees are an essential part of Australian garden designs, in both residental gardens and commercial projects such as schools, office buildings and more. 

There are many different varieties available to suit any household or commercial setting, from firm, fresh eating apples to delicious dessert apples. So how do you find out which apple tree best fits your next landscape project?

At Plantmark we have a wide range of apple trees available, in many varieties. To help you get started, we have listed 5 of our most popular apple trees for both commercial use and domestic gardens alike.


Gala Apple Tree with label at Plant Nursery in Australia

Gala Apple

Malus domestica Gala

A popular deciduous apple tree with a heavy crop, ideal for cool climates. The apples are large and sweet with a yellow-green and red striped fruit and can be eaten as is or used in desserts. In spring clusters of fragrant pink-white flowers appear, creating a beautiful display. 

Grows to approx. 4-5m H x W.

Golden Delicious Apples growing on a tree in Australia

Golden Delicious Apple

Malus domestica Golden Delicious

With large, golden fruit, a thin skin and sweet taste, Golden Delicious is a popular apple tree with a heavy mid-season crop. The fruit is excellent both for eating and cooking and the tree has a beautiful display of white-pinkish blooms in spring. A great apple tree for smaller gardens.

Grows to approx. 4-5m H x W. 

Granny Smith Apple Tree Growing at Plant Nursery in Australia

Granny Smith Apple

Malus domestica Granny Smith

A popular, deciduous apple tree with large, bright green fruit, maturing late in the season. The apples are known for their tart, acidic flavour and firm, crispy white flesh. Eat as is or use in desserts, pies and sauces. Fragrant white flowers in spring create a stunning display. A good choice for cool climate.

Grows to approx. 4-5m H x W.

Red Fuji Apples growing on a tree in Australia

Red Fuji Apple

Malus domestica Red Fuji

Red Fuji has small to medium, red-blushed, juicy and crisp fruit with a well balanced flavour, ideal for snacking. Also popular for desserts and for making cider. Pretty white flowers blossom in spring, attracting bees and butterflies. Easy to grow and great for cool climates.

Grows to approx. 4m H x W.

Pink Lady Malus domestica Apple Tree at Plantmark Plant Nursery in Australia

Pink Lady Apple

Malus domestica Pink Lady

A popular apple tree for smaller gardens, Pink Lady has bright pink skin and crisps green-white flesh. The flavour is sweet-tart and the fruit is ideal both for eating and cooking. Beautiful decidious tree with white flowers growing in clusters on the stems in spring. This variety has been developed in Australia and loves hot summers, retaining its leaves until late in autumn. 

Grows to approx. 2-4m H x W.


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