Top Ornamental Pear Trees For Australian Gardens

Top Ornamental Pear Trees For Australian Gardens

Ornamental Pears have it all! With masses of white flowers in spring and spectacular autumn colour, ornamental pear trees are a popular choice for classic and country style garden designs.

Ornamental pears are attractive, deciduous trees that create a stunning feature and a focal point in any landscape. Known for their timeless elegance, ornamental pears provide a beautiful display in spring when open, cup-shaped, flowers appear. In autumn, the glossy green leaves turn into fiery oranges, reds, yellows and maroons before falling off. Providing year around joy, including ample shade in summer, it's no wonder ornamental pears are one of Australia's most popular flowering landscape trees. 

What's more, ornamental pears are hardy and tolerate most soils and climates, including hot summers. Their beauty, hardiness and fast growth rate make them ideal for most landscape projects, including avenue/street planting, screening, hedging and pleaching. 

So how do you choose the right ornamental pear for your next landscape design? At Plantmark we stock plenty of different varieties in different shapes and sizes. To help you choose, we have our listed our Top 6, must-have Ornamental Pears for Australian Gardens you need to know about.


Aristocrat Pear Tree Pyrus Aristocrat growing at Plantmark Plant Nursery in Australia

Aristocrat Pear

Pyrus calleryana Aristocrat

With a rounded shape and great, horizontal branch structure this medium sized, fast growing ornamental pear has glossy green leaves and spectacular autumn colours in yellows and reds. The cup-shaped white flowers in spring are delightful and followed by small, hard ornamental fruit.

Grows up to 10m H x 7m W.

Pear Tree Pyrus Calleryana Bradford with Plant Label at Plantmark Plant Nursery in Australia

Bradford Pear

Pyrus calleryana Bradford

A medium sized ornamental pear with a pyramid shape, becoming broader with age. The autumn colours are striking with leaves turning into shades of red, orange, purple and yellow. Beautiful clusters of open white flowers in spring are a highlight. A hardy variety.

Grows up to 12m H x 9m W.

Manhurian Pear Tree pyrus ussuriensis with white blossom flowers at Plantmark Plant Nursery in Australia

Manchurian Pear

Pyrus ussuriensis

The first ornamental pear to blossom in spring, the Manchurian Pear is highly decorative and a popular choice for parks as well as residential backyards and gardens. Broad, medium sized tree with a dense, rounded habit. Pretty pale pink buds in spring turn into clusters of small, white flowers. In autumn as the leaves turn a rich, dark red, providing stunning colour.

Grows to approx. 9m H x 7m W.

Ornamental Pear Tree Pyrus Calleryana Red Spire with Plant Label at Plantmark Plant Nursery in Australia

Red Spire Pear

Pyrus calleryana Red Spire

Red Spire has an upright, symmetrical habit and can grow up to 12m in height. The white flowers are tinged with pink and the green foliage turns into brilliant autumnal colours as the weather cools down. Very hardy species.

Grows to approx. 12m H x 8m W.

Ornamental Pear Tree Pyrus Calleryana Chanticleer with buds growing on the branches at Plantmark Plant Nursery

Chanticleer Pear

Pyrus calleryana Chanticleer

With a broad, pyramid to rounded shape and horizontal branching, Chanticleer is a popular ornamental pear used for street planting, screening, pleaching and hedging. Loved for its abundance of white spring flowers and brilliant autumn colours. Also known as 'Cleveland Select' and 'Glens Form'.

Grows to approx. 11m H x 6m W.

Ornamental Pear Tree Pyrus Calleryana Capital with Plant Label Growing at Plantmark Plant Nursery

Capital Pear

Pyrus calleryana Capital

With a narrow, upright habit, Pyrus Capital is great for street and avenue planting as well as for parks and residential gardens as a feature tree. An excellent choice for space-restricted or compact areas due to the narrow form. Works well planted in a group or screen. As with other Ornamental Pears, the main event are the white flowers blooming in abundance in spring, and the striking reddish-purple colour of the autumn leaves.

Grows to approx. 11m H x 3m W.


The above list includes six of our most popular, must-have ornamental pear tree varieties. But there are plenty more to choose from at Plantmark. Visit one of our seven Trade Markets to hand select your stock, or discover more landscape trees available at Plantmark here. 

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