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Pyrus calleryana Bradford

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Code / Description
Size: 20cm
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Botanical Name: Common Names:
Pyrus calleryana Bradford Ornamental Pear, Callery Pear,

Native: Foliage Type:
No Deciduous

Plant Type: Plant Habit:
Hedging / Screening, Trees Pyramida, Upright

Ornamental Pears are deciduous trees with glossy green leaves that are highly valued for their spectacular autumn tones, clusters of open, cup-shaped, white flowers in spring and provide shade in the summer months. Any fruit is usually small and hard. Bradford Pears are a medium sized tree with a pyramid shape, growing quickly to 12m tall x 9m wide. Autumn leaf colour is striking - Reds, Oranges, Purples, Yellows.

Mature Height: Mature Width:
10-25m 4-10m

Position: Soil Type:
Full Sun, Semi Shade Any, Well Drained

Landscape Use(s)
Borders / Shrubbery, Courtyard, Feature, Foliage Feature / Colour, Formal Garden, Hedging / Screening, Mass Planting, Topiary / Espalier, Tropical Garden, Wind Break, Container / Pot, Shade Tree

Pests & Diseases: Aphids, Borers

Cultural Notes: These hardy trees are adaptable to most soils including dry and intermittently wet soils. Mulch to retain soil moisture and control weeds. Prefers a full sun position but will tolerate partial shade. Formative pruning as required, but not necessary. Water over warmer months until tree is established. Once established Ornamental Pears are generally drought hardy. Apply a Slow Release General Purpose Fertiliser in spring and autumn.

Plant Care
Annual slow release fertiliser, Keep moist during dry periods, Mulch well

Family Name: Origin:
Rosaceae Asia

Foliage Colour: Green
Flower Colour: Cream
Flower Fragrant: No
Flowering Season: Spring
Fruit: Yes

Requirements Tolerances
Growth Rate: Moderate
Maintenance Level: Medium
Water Usage: Medium / Moderate
Drought: Medium / Moderate
Frost: Moderate
Wind: High