In Full Bloom: Discover the Must-Have Rose Varieties for Australian Landscape Designs

 In Full Bloom: Discover the Must-Have Rose Varieties for Australian Landscape Designs


Oozing with timeless charm, the romance of roses is hard to resist!

With stunning blooms and delightful fragrances, roses have a captivating quality that's impossible to resist. But beyond the aesthetics, roses offer a myriad of benefits, diverse functions unique characteristics that make them valuable elements in any type of garden.

Rose Benefits Beyond Beauty

Roses aren't just pretty; they contribute to the health of garden ecosystems. Acting as magnets for pollinators, the flowers foster biodiversity, ensuring outdoor spaces are vibrant and teeming with life.

Beyond their visual appeal and delightful fragrance, roses serve as versatile components in landscaping. From creating stunning focal points to defining borders and providing ground cover, their adaptability knows no bounds. Whether you're designing a traditional garden or a contemporary space, roses elevate the aesthetic with their timeless elegance.

Landscaping with Roses

Roses can be harnessed to transform garden designs into a sensory haven. The strategic placement of roses can create intimate corners with fragrant blooms or establish majestic pathways adorned with colour. Understanding the landscape usage of the different varieties opens doors for timeless landscape designs. 

The classic way to uses roses is in a sprawling, rambling cottage garden. Underplant roses in borders with other flowering perennials and evergreen varieties - or even some of our native varieties that will compliment cottage garden looks such as as Kangaroo Paws or our native wildflowers. Alternatively match roses with manicured hedges and straight lines to create a formal, classsic look. Or why not use them in a contemporary space, softening hardscapes with an abundance of blooms.

Plantmark's Top Picks:

To make choosing the best rose variety for your next landscape design easier, we have put together a carefully curated list of our top best rose varieties. Selected for their ability to thrive in Australian gardens, these roses embody not only beauty but resilience and longevity. You will be surprised by the ease of care of some of the rose varieties!

Delve into the unique traits of each rose variety - whether it's the hardiness of shrub roses, the grace of hybrid teas, or the vertical drama of climbing roses. Understanding the characteristics, empowers you to select roses that not only survive but thrive in your next landscape design.


Here's our favourite rose varieties. Let's dive in. 

Rosa Just Joey

Just Joey Hybrid Tea Rose

One of our most popular roses, Rosa Just Joey is a tough beauty, radiating classic charm. 

Plant Characteristics:
Just Joey Rose is a captivating Hybrid Tea Rose. Renowned for its apricot-hued blooms, this variety boasts waved and frilled petals that loosely unfolds into a stunning display. The fragrance is a harmonious blend of sweet, spicy and fruity notes, creating an intense fragrance. 

Landscape Usage:
Just Joey is perfect for creating a focal point in beds or borders, lending itself gracefully to both formal and informal garden settings. Its upright growth habit and long, sturdy stems make it an ideal choice for cut flower arrangements, bringing the elegance of the garden indoors.

Rosa Gold Bunny

Gold Bunny Floribunda Rose

Available at Plantmark as a bush rose, climbing rose and as standards, Gold Bunny Rose will bring a dash of golden sunshine to your next landscape design. 

Plant Characteristics:
With abundant clusters of fairly large, classic shaped golden yellow flowers against dark green foliage, Rosa Gold Bunny will create a splash in any garden design. The compact nature of the plant and glossy, disease-resistant foliage make it a low-maintenance rose with a delightful fragrance.

Landscape Usage:
Ideal for borders and containers, this Floribunda Rose introduces a burst of colour and texture. Its long lasting bloom cycle ensures a vibrant display from spring to autumn, enhancing the appeal of both formal and informal garden settings. Whether creating a lively focal point or weaving through a landscape design, Gold Bunny Rose brings a touch of golden warmth to the space.

Rosa Bonica

Bonica Floribunda Rose

Masses of long lasting flowers and timeless elegance combined with resilience, makes Rosa Bonica a top choice for any garden design. 

Plant Characteristics:
Celebrated for its timeless beauty, Rosa Bonica is a Floribunda rose, a modern breed of roses, developed by crossing the with a Hybrid Tea Rose. Boasting clusters of delicate, soft-pink, double blooms on each stem, this resilient rose variety captivates with its simplicity and grace. Bonica's prolific flowering for a long period, disease resistance, and lush, glossy foliage make it a resilient and low-maintenance addition to your garden. 

Landscape Usage:
The bushy, rounded form makes Rosa Bonica a perfect choice for borders, hedges, or as a standalone specimen. Also available as a standard, Rosa Bonica is adaptable to various soil types and weather conditions, and thrives in both formal and informal garden settings. An easy to care for rose that will transform your landscape design into into a haven of enduring elegance.

Rosa Blue Moon

Blue Moon Hybrid Tea Rose

In an unique shade of lavender and boasting large, double flowers, Rosa Blue Moon is guaranteed to steal the show.

Plant Characteristics:
Rosa Blue Moon is a Hybrid Tea Rose that mesmerises with its enchanting lavender flowers. With up to 40 petals in a rose, each double flower unfolds like a masterpiece, creating a captivating ambiance in the garden. Blue Moon is loved for its strong fragrance, blending romantic and citrus notes, adding a sensory delight to the floral display. With long stems and lush foliage, the Blue Moon Rose embodies both grace and resilience.

Landscape Usage:
Ideal for sunny garden beds, borders in cottage gardens, Rosa Blue Moon has an upright growth habit and long stems that also makes it a perfect choice for floral arrangements. Whether you seek a singular focal point or mass plant for impact, Rosa Blue Moon will create a garden oasis that is out of the ordinary.

Rosa Flower Carpet Scarlet

Flower Carpet Scarlet Groundcover Rose

Covering the ground in vivid, scarlet flowers, this groundcover rose is a top performer and one of our favourite ground cover roses.

Plant Characteristics:
Immersing the landscape in a sea of vibrant red flowers, Rosa Flower Carpet Scarlet, is a groundcover rose that dazzles with its profusion of scarlet blooms. Celebrated for its hardiness and continuous blooming, this rose variety boasts glossy, disease-resistant foliage, making it a resilient and low-maintenance addition to your next project. The compact growth habit and vigorous nature of Flower Carpet Roses ensures a stunning display of colour through the whole of the summer season.

Landscape Usage:
Perfect for ground cover, borders, or mass plantings, Rosa Flower Carpet Scarlet adds a bold splash of colour to any landscape design. Its ability to thrive in various soil conditions and climates makes it a versatile choice for both home gardens and commercial ladscapes, creating an eye-catching carpet of vibrant splendor.

Rosa Flower Carpet Amber

Flower Carpet Amber Groundcover Rose

Introducing Flower Carpet Amber Rose:  Another terrific groundcover in the Flower Carpet series, with an abundance of profusely flowering peachy blooms.

Plant Characteristics:
Rosa Flower Carpet Amber is a radiant ground cover rose with a soft golden elegance. With a profusion of orange-golden-peachy flowers that softens into pink as the rose matures, this rose variety has disease-resistant foliage, creating a resilient and visually stunning display. Flower Carpet Rose's compact growth habit and continuous blooming ensures a stunning tapestry of colour, while its adaptability to various climates and soil conditions makes it an effortless addition to your next landscape project. Blooms from spring until first frost. 

Landscape Usage:
Perfect for both residential and commercial gardens, this rose is ideally used in borders, or mass planted as a groundcover. The easy-care nature of Flower Carpet Roses ensures a flourishing and picturesque landscape, creating a radiant carpet of flowers. 

Rosa Double Delight

Double Delight Hybrid Tea Rose

Award winning top-seller, with double blooms, makes Rosa Double Delight a true delight in any garden!

Plant Characteristics:
Experience the enchantment of Rosa Double Delight, a Hybrid Tea Rose renowned for its captivating contrasts and repeat flowering. The creamy-white petals have deep red edges, creating a play of colours. With a strong, spicy fragrance, this rose variety captivates the senses. The lush, dark green foliage enhances the colour contrast of the petals, making Double Delight a true showstopper in any garden design.

Landscape Usage:
Elevate your landscape design with the captivating contrasts of the Double Delight Rose. Ideal for formal beds and as a standalone feature, this rose adds a touch of classic beauty to your landscape. Its upright growth habit and sturdy stems makes it perfect for cut flower arrangements, bringing the beauty of the garden indoors. 

Rosa Princesse De Monaco

Princesse De Monaco Hybrid Tea Rose

Renowed for it's flowers and beauty, Princesse De Monaco Rose is stunning with it's large, blushing pink flowers and sweet fragrance.

Plant Characteristics:
With pale pink blooms and an upright growth habit, this hybrid Tea Rose has a mild fruity, sweet fragrance that adds a touch of romance to any garden design. Boasting sturdy stems and glossy, disease-resistant foliage, Princesse De Monaco is a graceful and resilient rose variety and a favourite with our landscape customers.

Landscape Usage:
Perfect for formal gardens, borders, or as a standalone feature for summer long, Princesse De Monaco Rose brings a touch of royalty to any setting. Its upright growth habit and long stems make it an ideal choice for cut flower arrangements.

Rosa Charles De Gaulle

Charles De Gaulle Hybrid Tea Rose

Probably our most popular lilac rose variety, Rosa Charles De Gaulle delights with both beauty and fragrance. 

Plant Characteristics:
Celebrated for its large, multi-petalled blooms in a unique warm lilac hue and a strong fragrance, Rosa Charles De Gaulle is one of the finest mauve roses. With single roses at the end of long stems, the natural shape lends itself perfectly to being grown as cut flowers. Easy to maintain due to a high resistance to pests, this rose variety is a star performer.

Landscape Usage:
Perfect in large pots, hedges and borders, Charles De Gaulle Rose's exceptional health and repeat flowering makes it one of our top recommended rose varieties.

Rosa Zepeti

Zepeti Rose

A stunning bush rose with fiery red blooms. Get ready for some eye-popping colour!

Plant Characteristics:
With masses of fire-engine red blooms that crown glossy, green foliage, Rosa Zepeti delights with a prolonged flowering period, from late spring through to first frosts. Renowned for its superb disease-resistance, this rose is a resilient and low-maintenance gem, promising a vibrant display of colour and health.

Landscape Usage:
Whether adorning a sunny patio or commanding attention at the front of a border, Zepeti Rose's compact form and stunning flowers add a last of beautiful colour to any outdoor space. With a versatility that complements various settings, this rose willl create a splash of fiery beauty in your next landscape design.

Rosa Vanessa Bell

Vanessa Bell English Shrub Rose

Captivating the essense of the English rose garden, Rosa Vanessa Bell is a pale, fragrant beauty.

Plant Characteristics:
Vanessa Bell is an English Shrub Rose boasting delicate, pink-tinged buds that open to medium-sized flowers in generous clusters. With beautifully layered petals, the blooms are pale yellow with white edges and a rich yellow eye. With a bushy, upright growth Vanessa Bell has a delightful fragrance with notes of lemon, honey and green tea.

Landscape Usage:
Named in honour of the artist, designer and Bloomsbury Group's founder, Vanessa Bell, this variety is ideal both for borders or as a standalone feature. Suits both in classic and cottage style gardens. 

Rosa Kardinal

Kardinal Hybrid Tea Rose

Showcasing stunning large red blooms in classic hybrid tea form, Rosa Kardinal is a beautiful, yet robust performer.

Plant Characteristics:
Immerse your garden in the regal beauty of Rosa Kardinal, a Hybrid Tea Rose that commands attention with its stunning red flowers. The large, velvety petals unfold in classic, hybrid tea rose form, creating a visual spectacle. The fragrance is a blend of floral and spicy notes. With a tall, upright growth habit and glossy, disease-resistant foliage, this rose provides both strength and beauty to your landscape design. 

Landscape Usage:
Rosa Kardinal brings stand out, bold colour to garden beds and borders, or use as a striking standalone feature. Its long stems make it a perfect choice for cut flower arrangements.

Rosa Iceberg

Iceberg Floribunda Rose

With clusters of pristine, white blooms on vigorous, disease-resistant bushes, Rosa Iceberg is a sophisticated beauty that's easy to care for and one of the most popular rose varieties. 

Plant Characteristics:
Iceberg Roses are celebrated for their high disease resilience and versatility in standard, climbing, and bush forms. The fragrant, white flowers, paired with attractive dark green foliage, adds charm to this rose variety that's hard to resist. Its winter hardiness, ability to tolerate poor soils, combined with its low-maintenance nature, makes it extremely popular with our landscape customers.

Landscape Usage:
Looking particularly impressive when mass planted, Rosa Iceberg is a versatile addition to your next landscape design. With white coloured blooms, it's easy to match with other greenery in the garden, making the Iceberg Rose perhaps the most popular rose variety with landscapers.

Whether in standard, climbing, or bush form, this rose brings an enduring elegance to borders, hedges, or as a striking potted feature. While not suitable as a cut flower, Iceberg delivers on a wealth of blooms, making it a garden gem for those who appreciate easy-care, yet captivating floral displays.

Rosa Daybreaker

Daybreaker Floribunda Rose

Introducing Rosa Daybreaker: Attractive blooms in warm, blush hues.

Plant Characteristics:

An absolute stunner, Rosa Daybreaker is a Floribunda Rose where perfectly formed, spiral buds open into appealing blooms in pink and apricot. This non stop. prolific bloomer will grace the garden with a lush and bushy presence throughout the growing season, promising an abundance of attractive flowers. The Daybreaker Rose stands as a testament to excellent disease resistance, ensuring a stunnning and resilient addition to your next design.

Landscape Usage:
Ideal for borders, mass plantings, or as a stand-alone focal point, this rose variety adds a burst of warm colour and elegance to any garden design. The mild tea scent enhances the sensory delight, creating a captivating atmosphere. 

Rosa Albertine

Albertine Climbing Rose

The last rose on our list of Top 15 Rose Varieties is a highly fragrant climbing rose with classic good looks: Rosa Albertine.

Plant Characteristics:
Creating a breathtaking display, the Albertine Rose is a climbing or rambling rose, renowned for being one of the most intensely scented climbers. This botanical masterpiece unfolds an incredible eight-week spectacle, commencing with copper buds that open to large, double cupped salmon-pink flowers. These blooms age gracefully, transforming into an almost white colour. 

Landscape Usage:
Elevate your vertical space with the timeless beauty of Rosa Albertine. Ideal for trellises or training against sunny walls, this rose variety will adapt with grace to any vertical expanse. With a high resistance to diseases, Rosa Albertine is both a resilient and captivating feature. 


What do you think of our list of our top, must-have rose varieties? Do you have any questions? We'd love to hear from you so please message us in the comments section below.

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