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Gardenia jasminoides Radicans

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Gardenia jasminoides Radicans

Cape Jasmine,
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C2, C8
Size: 20cm
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Botanical Name: Common Names:
Gardenia jasminoides Radicans Cape Jasmine,

Native: Foliage Type:
No Evergreen

Plant Type: Plant Habit:
Groundcovers, Hedging / Screening, Shrubs Prostrate

A delightful prostrate growing Gardenia with glossy green leaves. Flowers profusely during the summer months with slightly smaller, but equally as scented flowers as the larger growing varieties. Ideal planted under trees, in-between shrubs and in containers. Also available in a variegated form with green foliage splashed with lime and yellow.

Mature Height: Mature Width:
15-30cm 1-2m

Position: Soil Type:
Full Sun, Semi Shade Loam, Well Drained

Landscape Use(s)
Borders / Shrubbery, Formal Garden, Fragrant Garden, Groundcover, Hedging / Screening, Mass Planting, Rockery, Tropical Garden, Container / Pot, Under Trees

Pests & Diseases: Aphids, Bud Drop, Caterpillars, Mealy Bugs, Scale, Thrips, Yellow Leaves

Cultural Notes: Prune lightly after flowering to maintain shape. Water well, especially in warmer months when the plant is flowering. Fertilise regularly during the growing season. We suggest Harry's Gardenia Food. PESTS & PROBLEMS: Yellowing Leaves – usually a sign of magnesium deficiency and can be treated with Epsom Salts. Bud Drop – This is when buds fall or drop off the plant just before blooming. This is most commonly due to lack of water. Nematodes – can lead to leaf yellowing and may kill gardenias if not treated. Scale Insects – use white oil to rid the plants of these pests. Weevils, aphids, thrip, mealy bugs and hawk moth caterpillars – use a general pest spray to manage these pests. We suggest the Yates Confidor Insecticide Range.

Plant Care
Annual slow release fertiliser, Keep moist during dry periods, Mulch well

Family Name: Origin:
Rubiaceae Asia

Foliage Colour: Grey
Flower Colour: Cream, White
Flower Fragrant: No
Flowering Season: Summer
Fruit: Insignificant

Requirements Tolerances
Growth Rate: Moderate
Maintenance Level: Medium
Water Usage: Medium / Moderate
Drought: Medium / Moderate
Frost: Tender
Wind: Medium / Moderate