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Erigeron hybrida Spindrift

Botanical Name: Common Names:
Erigeron hybrida Spindrift Dwarf Seaside Daisy,
Native: Foliage Type:
No Evergreen
Plant Type: Plant Habit:
TBA Bun Shaped, Dense, Rounded

Erigeron Spindrift forms a neat, dense dome of foliage, topped off with a sparkling display of dainty little daisy flowers which will firstly open as white then fade through various shades of pink and wine red. A new and improved variety of the popular Seaside Daisy which will not become invasive like it's unruly relatives and with the added bonus of a low growing and compact habit. Spindrift has an exceptionally long period of flowering from spring through summer, and requires little attention to keep it looking good in your garden. Grows approx 20cm tall x 50cm wide.

Mature Height: Mature Width:
15-30cm 30-60cm

Position: Soil Type:
Full Sun, Semi Shade Any, Well Drained

Landscape Use(s)
Balcony / Roof, Borders / Shrubbery, Coastal Garden, Courtyard, Erosion Control, Feature, Groundcover, Low Water Garden, Mass Planting, Rockery, Container / Pot

Pests & Diseases: Generally trouble free

Cultural Notes:

Plant Care
Annual slow release fertiliser, Keep moist during dry periods, Mulch well

Family Name: Origin:
Asteraceae Australia

Foliage Colour: Green
Flower Colour: Pink, White, Red
Flower Fragrant: No
Flowering Season: Spring, Summer
Fruit: Insignificant

Requirements Tolerances
Growth Rate: Fast
Maintenance Level: Low
Water Usage: Low
Drought: High
Frost: Moderate
Wind: High