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Bougainvillea hybrida Bambino Boug Bluey

Botanical Name: Common Names:
Bougainvillea hybrida Bambino Boug Bluey Dwarf Bouganvillea, Paper Flower, Strawflower, Straw Flower,
Native: Foliage Type:
No Evergreen
Plant Type: Plant Habit:
Groundcovers, Shrubs Dense, Spreading

Bluey is a dwarf Bougainvillea that has shiny foliage and pinky-pale blue paper like flowers that bloom most of the year. This variety preforms best in containers or hanging baskets as it will hang over the edge or planted along a garden edge or retaining wall.

Mature Height: Mature Width:
60cm-1m 60cm-1m

Position: Soil Type:
Full Sun, Semi Shade Any, Well Drained

Landscape Use(s)
Balcony / Roof, Borders / Shrubbery, Courtyard, Cut Flower, Feature, Formal Garden, Low Water Garden, Mass Planting, Tropical Garden, Verge, Container / Pot

Pests & Diseases: Generally trouble free

Cultural Notes:

Plant Care
Annual slow release fertiliser, Keep moist during dry periods, Mulch well

Family Name: Origin:
Nyctaginaceae SouthAmerica

Foliage Colour: Green
Flower Colour: Blue, Purple
Flower Fragrant: No
Flowering Season: Autumn, Spring, Summer
Fruit: Insignificant

Requirements Tolerances
Growth Rate: Moderate
Maintenance Level: Medium
Water Usage: Medium / Moderate
Drought: Medium / Moderate
Frost: Moderate
Wind: Medium / Moderate