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Alstroemeria hybrida Princess Elaine

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Code / Description
Size: 17cm
Available: 1
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Botanical Name: Common Names:
Alstroemeria hybrida Princess Elaine Peruvian Lily, Princess Lily,

Native: Foliage Type:
No Evergreen

Plant Type: Plant Habit:
TBA Clumping, Dense, Upright

Superb, long flowering clumping plants featuring a range of beautiful flower colours. Alstroemerias are much tougher that they look and add great splashes of colour for the majority of the year. Each plant is crowned with lily-like blooms over tight, mid-green foliage. They maintain a neat, mounded shape to just 30cm in height and look good, even when they're not flowering. Princess Emily produces masses of impressively large, vivid greenish-yellow flowers from early spring to first frost. Outstanding cut flower and perfect for garden or container use. Grows approx 1.1m x 45cm wide.

Mature Height: Mature Width:
1-2m 30-60cm

Position: Soil Type:
Full Sun, Semi Shade Any, Well Drained

Landscape Use(s)
Balcony / Roof, Borders / Shrubbery, Coastal Garden, Courtyard, Foliage Feature / Colour, Formal Garden, Mass Planting, Container / Pot, Under Trees

Pests & Diseases: Aphids, Caterpillars, Generally trouble free

Cultural Notes: Surprisingly drought hardy, however extra irrigation at the time of flower bud formation will benefit flowering performance. Best to keep plants moist in dry spells, especially in pots. Feed bi-annually with a controlled release fertiliser. No pruning required. Snap off old, spent stems at the base and a new shoot will later be produced. Information and images courtesy of Ramm Botanicals.

Plant Care
Annual slow release fertiliser, Keep moist during dry periods, Liquid feed, Mulch well

Family Name: Origin:
Alstroemeriaceae SouthAmerica

Foliage Colour: Green
Flower Colour: Green, Yellow
Flower Fragrant: No
Flowering Season: Autumn, Spring
Fruit: Insignificant

Requirements Tolerances
Growth Rate: Fast
Maintenance Level: Low
Water Usage: Low
Drought: High
Frost: Moderate
Wind: Medium / Moderate