The Ultimate Guide: Our Top 20 must-have Cacti and Succulents for Australian landscapes revealed

The Ultimate Guide: Our Top 20 must-have Cacti and Succulents for Australian landscapes revealed

Looking to add a WOW-factor to your next landscape design?
Our exceptional range of cacti and succulents are the perfect solution. Here's our TOP 20 favourite outdoor varieties revealed. 

Whether you're looking to create a contemporary garden, a desert-themed landscape, low-maintenance or water-wise landscape, our range of cacti and succulents has you covered. Cacti & Succulent are easy to grow, require minimal care and and make wonderful focal pointsin dryscapes. With their endless range of unique shapes, sculptural forms and captivating textures, cacti & succulent will elevate your next landscape design. 

From bold and architectural to intricate, each cacti & succulent in our range has its own unique charm and characteristics. From the classic Golden Barrel Cactus to the versatile Silver Dollar Plant and the fascinating architectural form of Euphorbias there's something for every landscape vision. 

Below are our top 20 favourite cacti and succulents for Australian outdoor landscapes. These are just some of the plants featured in our exceptional range, so make sure you visit our Trade Markets and check out our range for yourself. From classic favourites and top sellers, to impressive statement stock, you'll find your perfect fit at Plantmark. 


Golden Barrel Cactus echinocactus grusonii in pots at Plantmark Wholesale Nursery

Golden Barrel Cactus

Echinocactus grusonii

An exceptional centrepiece for rockeries, desert gardens or containers, Golden Barrel is globe shaped with prickly, yellow spikes and woollen white hairs at the crown. A fantastic feature.

Grows to approx. 30-60cm H x 60m-90cm W

Cowboy Cactus Euphorbia ammak seen in a pot at Plantmark Wholesale Nursery

Desert Cactus

Euphorbia ammak

A majestic, columnar, tree-like succulent with pale, vertical stems boasting thorny ridges. Fast growing. A statement addition to drought-tolerant landscape designs.

Grows to approx. 4-6m H x 2-3m W.

Red African Milk Tree Euphorbia trigona rubra in focus at Plantmark Wholesale Nurseries

African Milk Tree

Euphorbia trigona rubra

A unique looking succulent with triangular-shaped dark green stems, flushed with red.  Distinctive flower heads appear in spring & summer. Easy to grow, low maintenance and great for arid landscapes and large planters. 

Grows to approx. 1-2m H x 30-60cm W.

Cowboy cactus Euphorbia acrurensis cowboy at Plantmark Wholesale Nurseries

Cowboy Cactus

Euphorbia acrurensis cowboy

A popular addition to landscape designs due to the distinctive architectural form, featuring upright stems with clusters of thorny branches. This drought-tolerant succulent will add unique desert-like aesthetics to gardens.  Requires minimal care. 

Grows to approx. 1-2m H x 30-60cm W

Peruvian Apple Cactus cereus peruvianus a Plantmark Wholesale Nursery

Peruvian Apple Cactus

Cereus peruvianus

A striking, columnar blue-green cactus with a tree-like appearance and white flowers that bloom at night.  A great choice for desert landscapes and rock gardens, where it can be used as a focal point or to add height and texture. 

Grows to approx. 4-10m H x 1-2m W

Close up of Trichocereus knuthianus at Plantmark Wholesale Nurseries

Trichocereus knuthianus 

Trichocereus knuthianus

Large, upright cactus with dark green stems that can grow up to 3m tall.  Drought-tolerant and low-maintenance, great used as a feature in rock gardens and desert landscapes. Can be grown in a container. 

Grows to approx. 2-4m H x 1-2m W.

Golden Rat Tail Cleistocactus winteri in a pot at Plantmark Wholesale Nurseries

Golden Rat Tail

Cleistocactus winteri 

A unique plant with long stems covered in golden spines resembling a rat's tail. Tubular flowers in salmon-orange appear in spring / summer. With its cascading form, Golden Rat Tail  is a captivating addition to hanging baskets or as a trailing element to rock gardens, with the golden spines adding texture and interest.

Gows to approx. 30cm H x 60cm-1m W.

Velvet Leaf Plant Kalanchoe beharensis Oak Leaf at Plantmark Wholesale Nurseries

Velvet Leaf Plant

Kalanchoe beharensis Oak Leaf

A large, slow growing  succulent with thick, showy, velvety leaves resembling oak tree foliage. Ideal for adding unique texture to the landscape.  A great focal point for drought tolerant gardens and a must have for plant enthusiasts.

Grows to approx. 2-4m H x 1-2m W.

Crassula Gollum at Plantmark Wholesale Nurseries

Crassula Gollum

Crassula ovata Gollum 

A fascinating succulent that stands out with its fleshy, tubular leaves and red tinged tips. Creates tree-like branches over time and can be pruned as a bonsai. Adds interest &  character to court yards, rockeries and pots. 

Grows to approx. 30-60cm H x W

Crassula Blue Bird at Plantmark Wholesale Nurseries

Crassula Blue Bird

Crassula ovata Blue Bird

A very popular succulent with striking appearance and fleshy, paddle-shaped leaves in attractive blue green. Has a compact, naturally rounded form and looks great in garden beds with other bun-shaped plants.  Use in succulent arrangements, garden beds, pots & rock gardens. 

Grows to approx. 60cm-1m H x W.

Silver Dollar Plant Crassula arborescens at Plantmark Wholesale Nurseries

Silver Dollar Plant

Crassula arborescens

A popular landscaping succulent with round silver-green leaves resembling flat coins. The powdery coating gives the leaves an attractive,  shimmering appearance. Often used in rock gardens, containers or as a border plant, adding texture and colour contrast to landscape designs.

Grows to approx. 1-2m H x 1-2m W.

Prickly Pear opuntia ficus indica burbank spineless at Plantmark Nurseries

Prickly Pear

Opuntia ficus indica burbank spineless

With its smooth, spine-free, paddle-shaped segments, Prickly Pear adds unique charm to any landscape design. Summer flowers are followed by edible fruit, commonly known as Prickly Pears. A slow-growing yet versatile plant that thrives in most Australian climates and requires minimal maintenance. It's architectural appeal makes it a perfect choice for both residential and commercial gardens. 

Grows to approx. 2-4m H x W

Dragon Tree dracaena draco at Plantmark Wholesale Nurseries

Dragon Tree

Dracaena draco

A succulent tree with a stout trunk and dramatic, sword-shaped leaves that are soft to the touch. A slow growing tree, adding an exotic touch to landscape designs. Drought tolerant and resilient, it's a remarkable choice for low-water gardens. 

Grows to approx 4--5m H x 2-4m W.

Tree Aloe aloidendron barberae at Plantmark Wholesale Nurseries

Tree Aloe

Aloidendron barberae

A striking succulent that commands attention, Tree Aloe has a smooth grey trunk and fleshy, arching grey-green leaves . A perfect architectural feature tree for Mediterranean, coastal and tropical landscapes and dryscapes.  Slow growing and can be grown in large planters.  

Grows to approx 4-10m H x 2-4m W.

Mountain Aloe aloe marlothiii at Plantmark Wholesale Nurseries

Mountain Aloe

Aloe marlothii  

A majestic, large aloe with towering, spiraling branches and striking orange blooms, this succulent is a show-stopper.  Known for its drought tolerance and hardiness, it will thrive in rockeries, Mediterranean and arid landscapes.  

Grows to approx 2--3m H x 1-2m W.

Sharkskin Agave at Plantmark Wholesale Nurseries

Sharkskin Agave

Agave hybrida Sharkskin

With distinctive blue-green fleshy leaves and textured, shark-like skin, this succulent is a stand out. Drought tolerant and low-maintenance, it's a great choice for water-wise landscapes. Plant as a feature, in borders or containers.

Grows to approx. 60cm-1m H x W

Blue Glow Agave at Plantmark Wholesale Nurseries

Blue Glow Agave

Agave attenuata ocahui Blue Glow

Blue-green leaves with striking red and yellow margins, this succulent is a stunning addition for coastal gardens, rockeries and a favourite for Palm Spring and desert inspired gardens.  Low maintenance and drought tolerant.   

Grows to approx 30-60cm H x 60cm-1m W

Artichoke Agave agave parryi truncata at Plantmark Wholesale Nurseries

Artichoke Agave

Agave parryi truncata

Rosette forming succulent with attractive silvery blue leaves and reddish-brown spines on each tip.  Drought tolerant and low-maintenance, it's ideal for rock gardens, containers or a striking addition to desert-style landscape designs.

Grows to approx. 60cm-1m H x W

Beaked Yucca Yucca rostrata at Plantmark Wholesale Nurseries

Beaked Yucca

Yucca rostrata

With striking, sword-like foliage in unique blue-green, Beaked Yucca is an attractive tree-like Yucca with a thick trunk. Ideal as an architectural statement piece for modern and low-water usage gardens.  Drought tolerant and low maintenance. 

Grows to approx 4-10m H x 60cm-1m W

Twin Flowering Agave agave geminiflora at Plantmark Wholesale Nurseries

Twin Flowered Agave

Agave geminiflora

Its slender, narrow leaves grow in a symmetrical rosette . The leaves have fine, silvery fibres along the edges, adding textural interest  and an attractive contrast. Plant in rock gardens, desert landscapes or containers for a modern look.

Grows to approx 60cm-1m H x W.

Fan Aloe aloe plicatilis at Plantmark Wholesale Nurseries

Fan Aloe

Aloe plicatilis

A visually striking succulent with thick, triangular leaves that grow in a fan-like arrangement, giving it a distinctive appearance. The leaves are an attractive blue-green with segregated edges. With its architectural form, it makes a perfect focal point in contemporary, desert and rock gardens. 

Grows to approx 1--2m H x W.


The above cacti and succulents are just a snap shot of our wide range of varieties available at Plantmark. To learn more about each plant, click on the images above, or view our range here Or why note head over to your favourite Plantmark location and hand-select your stock.

Have a large landscape project? Get in touch with our Q&O team to discuss your plant sourcing needs. At Plantmark we love talking plants! 

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