Wholesale Plants - Street Trees Suggestions

Street Trees can be a large investment, so correct plant selection can save you time and money.  Contract growing ensures your stock is available - on time and on budget. Plants listed in this section may be suitable for use as Street Trees with consideration given to height and maintenance.  Advanced Stock is available for most plant lines shown and can also be contract grown. 

NOTE: these are only a few suggestions, Plantmark offers many more species so please contact the Plantmark Team for expert advise or login to our stocklist.


PLANT NAME Type Mature Height
Acer buergerianum Deciduous Approx. 6m
Acer palmatum  Deciduous Approx. 8m
Acer palmatum Bloodgood 
Deciduous Approx. 3-5m
Acer palmatum dissectum Inabe Shidare Deciduous Approx. 2m 
Agonis flexuosa After Dark Evergreen Approx. 3-5m
Agonis flexuosa Burgundy Evergreen Approx. 5m 
Allocasuarina littoralis Evergreen Approx. 12m
Allocasuarina verticillata Evergreen Approx. 10m
Angophora hispida Evergreen Approx. 6m
Banksia marginata Evergreen Approx. 10m
Callistemon hybrid Harkness Evergreen Approx. 6m
Callistemon hybrid Kings Park Special Evergreen Approx. 5m 
Callistemon salignus Evergreen Approx. 8m
Callistemon viminalis Evergreen Approx. 10m
Callistemon viminalis Dawson River Weeper Evergreen Approx. 5m
Cercis chinensis Deciduous Approx. 4m
Cercis siliquastrum Deciduous Approx. 12m 
Corymbia syn. Euc. eximia Nana Evergreen Approx. 5m
Corymbia syn. Euc. ficifolia Baby Orange Grafted Evergreen Approx. 4m
Corymbia syn. Euc. ficifolia Snowflake Grafted Evergreen Approx. 6m
Corymbia syn. Euc. ficifolia Wildfire Grafted Evergreen Approx. 6m
Eucalyptus caesia Silver Princess Evergreen Approx. 9m
Eucalyptus leucoxylon Euky Dwarf Evergreen Approx. 7m
Eucalyptus leucoxylon macrocarpa rosea Evergreen Approx. 8m
Eucalyptus leucoxylon megalocarpa Evergreen Approx. 9m
Eucalyptus macrandra Evergreen Approx. 8m
Eucalyptus mannifera Little Spotty Evergreen Approx. 7m
Eucalyptus olivacea Summer Scentsation Evergreen Approx. 6m
Eucalyptus pauciflora Dwarf Little Snowman Evergreen Approx. 8m
Ficus Grafted Standards Deciduous Up 1.2-1.5m
Fraxinus excelsior Aurea Deciduous Approx. 8m
Gleditsia triacanthos var. inermis elegantissima Deciduous Approx. 6m
Gleditsia triacanthos var. Inermis Sunburst Deciduous Approx. 8m
Hakea salicifolia Evergreen Up 5 - 8m
Jacaranda mimosifolia Deciduous Approx.12m
Koelreuteria paniculata Deciduous Approx. 7-10m
Lagerstroemia indica x fauriei Lipan Deciduous Approx. 4m
Lagerstroemia indica x fauriei Zuni Deciduous Approx. 4m
Lophostemon confertus Evergreen Approx. 15
Malus ioensis Plena Deciduous Approx. 8m
Melaleuca ericifolia Evergreen Approx. 9m
Melaleuca lanceolata Evergreen Approx. 9m
Nerium oleander Evergreen Approx. 6m
Olea europaea Evergreen Approx. 10m
Pistacia chinensis Deciduous Approx. 8m
Prunus Elvins Deciduous Approx. 3m
Prunus Mt Fuji Deciduous Approx. 4m
Prunus nigra Deciduous Approx. 5m
Prunus nigra Fastigiata Deciduous Approx. 5m
Prunus Sekiyama syn. Kanzan Deciduous Approx. 5m
Robinia pseudoacacia umbraculifera Mop Top Deciduous Approx. 5m
Sapium sebiferum Deciduous Approx. 8m
Tristaniopsis laurina Evergreen Approx. 12m


DISCLAIMER: Information is provided as a guide only.  Tree heights may vary depending on site locations/conditions. Please take into consideration any overhead and underground utilities/obstructions. Plants listed are subject to availability.