Prunus mume 40cm

Botanical Name: Prunus mume
Common Names: Chinese Plum , Japanese Apricot , Flowering Apricot
Foliage Type: Deciduous
Native No
Plant Type: Tree
Plant Habit: Rounded

Beautiful, small deciduous tree growing to approx 9m with a rounded habit (depending on the cultivar). Foliage is light green, changing to golden in autumn. Fragrant blooms can be single or double and colours range from white, pink or red. These are produced on bare branches in winter are are highly ornamental. Fruit is a warm golden colour, sour to taste and edible. Use as a feature tree, cut flower, in courtyards and bonsai.

Mature Height: 4-10m Position: Full Sun
Mature Width: 4-10m Soil Type: Well Drained

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Prunus mume Pendula - (Prunus mume Pendula           )
Prunus mume Pendula
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Prunus serrulata Cheals - (Prunus Cheals                 )
Prunus Cheals
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Prunus x blireana - (Prunus x blireana             )
Prunus x blireana
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