Projects & Tenders

With demonstrated capabilities spanning across three decades, Plantmark Projects & Tenders offers large scale developments within the residential, commercial, industrial and local government sectors every element for success.

Our capacity, compliance and commitment to work collaboratively with key stakeholders to undertake and deliver successful plant supply solutions is unsurpassed.

Commitment to Quality
Expertise, integrity and quality enable Plantmark to deliver successful project outcomes.
Our continued dedication to quality assurance and quality control is implemented at all stages of plant supply, from professional tender documentation and submission, to plant sourcing, compiling orders and delivery to site.

Contract Growing
Secure your future planting requirements by contract growing your next project.
In addition to traditional plant supply channels, we offer also offer contract growing options to ensure plant quality and consistency standards are met and projects are delivered on time and on budget.  Our comprehensive progress reports will assist with your project management.

Reliable Delivery
Delivery to site by professional plant transporters enables Plantmark to ensure stock arrives in optimal condition and program schedules are achieved.

For further information please contact Simon Lindsay, Plantmark General Manager.