Wholesale Plants - Native Ground Covers

Native Ground Covers   Download Printable PDF here

Below is a list of native ground covers. We have chosen ones with different features that are suited to different growing conditions.

Grevillea poorinda Royal Mantle

Grevillea Royal Mantle >> Grevillea poorinda 'Royal Mantle'

A fast growing Grevillea providing excellent coverage, making it ideal for erosion control, and for planting on sloped sites.  Frost and drought hardy once established.  Bird attracting. Dislikes humidity.

Height: 30-60cm   Width: 4-6m
Form: Prostrate ground cover 
Foliage: Forked green leaves with copper coloured new growth
Flowers:  Red toothbrush-like flowers with the main flush in late winter and spring

Grevillea lanigera Mount Tamboritha

Grevillea Mount Tamboritha >> Grevillea lanigera 'Mount Tamboritha'

A useful Grevillea adapted to a wide range of growing conditions. Bird attracting. Dislikes humidity.  Also looks great in hanging baskets and rockery gardens.

Height: 30-50cm   Width: 1.5m
Form: Prostrate with shooting stems 
Foliage: Small dark green rounded leaves densely covering stem
Flowers:  Spider-like flowers, pink and cream in colour, appearing March to December

Philotheca buxifolia Cascade of Stars

Cascade of Stars >> Philotheca buxifolia 'Cascade of Stars'

A prolific flowering native with pink and white star-like flowers. Its cascading form makes it ideal for edging along retaining walls or spilling over pots.

Height: 30-60cm   Width: 30-60cm
Form: Low growing shrub/cascading ground cover 
Foliage: Small dark green leaves that are densely arranged along the stem 
Flowers:  Pink buds open to white star shaped flowers in spring

Viola hederacea

Native Violet  >> Viola hederacea
Native Violet is a great little ground cover for shadier spots and makes a super filler for in between pavers. It can go dormant in severe conditions such as frost or drought but it will grow back.

Height: <15cm   Width: 60cm–1m
Form: Dense ground cover
Foliage: Green heart shaped leaves
Flowers:  Small purple and white flowers similar to pansies. They are also edible.

Myoporum parvifolium

Fine Leaf Myoporum >> Myoporum parvifolium

A widely available evergreen groundcover that is fast growing in a wide range of growing conditions.  Its foliage forms a thick mat which makes it great for erosion control and weed suppressing. Also consider Broad Leaved Myoporum, Purple Leaved Myoporum and Pink Flowering Myoporum.

Height: <15cm   Width: 1.5m-2m
Form: Dense groundcover with upright stems. 
Foliage: Very fine leaves.
Flowers:  Small white star-shaped flowers in spring and summer. They are very lightly scented 

Carpobrotis rossii

Pigface >> Carpobrotis rossii

A colourful perennial succulent that is coast tolerant and extremely hardly.  Needs a spot in full sun with well drained soil. Good erosion control plant.

Height: 20cm   Width: 2m
Form: Prostrate groundcover 
Foliage: Fleshy succulent spike-like leaves
Flowers:  Magenta Pigface flowers with a yellow centre

Pratia puberula

Pratia >> Pratia puberula

A ground hugging perennial cover that thrives in damp soil. Fast growing, it’s great for planting around pavers.

Height: 15cm   Width: 1m
Form: Matt forming prostrate ground cover
Foliage: small soft green leaves
Flowers:  Masses of tiny blue star-shaped flowers in late spring to autumn 

Brachyscome multifida

Cut-leafed Daisy  >> Brachyscome multifida

A favourite of many gardeners due to its versatility in many garden styles. This pretty perennialalso comes in pink/ deep blue and yellow flowering forms and will attract butterflies to your garden. 

Height: 15cm   Width: 60cm
Form: Mound forming ground cover  
Foliage: soft fine leaves
Flowers:  Pretty mauve daisy flowers appear form late winter to autumn

Grevillea obtusifolia Gingin Gem

Grevillea Gingin Gem >> Grevillea obtusifolia ‘Gingin Gem’

A hardy evergreen ground cover that will form a dense matt of foliage and provide colour to the garden in winter. Will grow in a range of soil conditions  but thrives in sunny, well drained spots. Bird attracting.

Height: 30cm   Width: 3m
Form: Prostrate ground cover 
Foliage: Thin bright green leaves arranged densely around the stem arranged along the stem
Flowers:  Spider-like red flowers in winter and spring

Chrysocephalum apiculatum

Common Everlasting Daisy >> Chrysocephalum apiculatum

A fast growing perennial ground cover that cheers up the garden with its delightful yellow button flowers. Suitable for a wide range of gardens, keep moisture up in warmer months.

Height: 15-30cm   Width: 60cm – 1m
Form: Prostrate ground cover
Foliage: Small silvery green
Flowers:  Masses of golden circular balls appear  a top of stems from spring to autumn

Kennedia prostrata

Running Postman >> Kennedia prostrata 

Running Postman is an eye catching ground cover that provides the garden with a bit of colour in winter. Plant in groups for added effect.

Height: 10cm   Width: 3m
Form: Spreading ground cover with trailing stems
Foliage: Small silvery green
Flowers:  Masses of bright red little pea-like flowers in winter and spring

Goodenia ovata prostrate

Goodenia >> Goodenia ovata 'Prostrata'

This creeping version of goodenia will grow in a wide range of soil types. It’s really tough so it is great for landscaping projects such as erosion control  and under trees. Frost and drought resistant once established.

Height: 20cm   Width: 1m
Form: Dense ground cover
Foliage: Small fleshy green leaves with double serrated margins
Flowers:  Bright yellow pea-like flowers appear from spring to summer

Scaevola aemula

Fairy Fan Flower >> Scaevola aemula

A popular ground cover for rockery and cottage gardens because of its long flowering seasonal. White, pink mauve and yellow flowering variety available too.

Height: 20cm   Width: 1m
Form: Spreading ground cover
Foliage:  Small green with serrated margins
Flowers:  Pretty fan-shaped purple flowers decorate the plant in spring to summer and may appear throughout the year.