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Hardenbergia violacea

Happy Wanderer >> Hardenbergia violacea

Happy Wanderer brings a much needed splash of colour to the garden in winter.  Plant in part-shade to full sun (flowers better in full sun), in well-drained soil.  Will tolerate some frost. Happy Wanderer can tend to get a bit top heavy, with the mass of foliage forming towards the top of the plant.  To encourage more folaige from the base, prune after flowering. If using for screening this pruning will help keep the coverage more dense. Pink, purple and white flowering varieties are available too.
Foliage: Long leathery dark green leaves.
Flowers: Purple pea-shaped flowers appear in winter through to spring.

Snake Vine >> Hibbertia scandens

A vigorous and dense climber that will do equally well as a ground cover where its thick cover will help control weeds and prevent erosion.  Produces bright yellow flowers in spring and summer but may flower on and off throughout the year.  Tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions including coastal sites, however prefers well-drained soil.  Moderate frost tolerance.  Hibbertia will grow in part shade, but flowers better in full sun.  Great for screening, however it may need a few trims throughout the year to maintain a more compact habit.  A good one for tropical gardens!
Foliage:  Glossy green leaves.

Flowers: Bright yellow 6-petal flowers. 


Bower of Beauty >> Pandorea jasminoides

A vigorous climber that is typically found in tropical and subtropical rainforests in south-east Queensland. In southern Australia, it grows well in sites where it is protected from harsh frosts.  It will become tolerant of dry periods once established, however likes a moist, well drained soil. Will grow in part shade, but will produce more flowers in a sunny spot. The root system can be invasive, so plant away from pipelines.  A good climber that can be used for screening, or planted to climb across pergolas, fences, and trellises.  

Foliage: Dark green glossy leaves arranged in whorls of three.
Flowers: White or pale pink trumpet-shaped flowers appear in clusters from late spring to summer.


Wonga-Wonga Vine >> Pandorea pandorana

A vigorous evergreen climber producing loads of tubular flowers in early spring. Fast growing and will need a frame or support to climb. Looks spectacular covering an arbour or arch. Will grow in a range of soils providing it has good drainage.  Plant in light shade to full sun, in a frost free spot.  Will grow as a ground cover too.  Tip prune when young to encourage a dense habit.  Drought tolerant. Some common forms include ‘Golden Showers’ which has golden yellow flowers with brown tips, and Snow Bells (pictured), which has creamy white flowers.

Foliage: Shinypinnate leaves with up to 5-9 leaflets on each leave.
Flowers: Tubular flowers appear in what look like bunches of hanging bananas, are produced in early spring, for a short flowering period.

Small-leaved Clematis >> Clematis microphylla

A vigorous climber with a somewhat tangled but dense growth habit.  Can be found in coastal areas and bushland areas climbing over other shrubs and fences if it has the opportunity. Male and female flowers develop in different plants.  Plant in a well-drained spot. Drought tolerant.

Foliage: Leaves divide into three leaflets, with one or two basal lobes on some leaflets.
Flowers:  Masses of star-like pale yellow flowers cover the climber in late winter/spring.

Black Coral Pea >> Kennedia nigricans

Black Coral Pea can be grown as a climber or a ground cover. This plant is quite vigorous, so consider that when planting as it may need regular pruning to maintain its habit.  For this reason its fast growth rate makes it good for screening and for covering embankments.  Tolerant of light frosts.  Plant in a sunny spot in well-drained soil. Other Kennedia species with red flowers may also be considered for planting which have a less vigorous habit - Kennedia rubicunda, and Kennedia coccinea.

Foliage: Large ovate dark green leaves.
Flowers: Tubular black and yellow flowers in spring, summer and winter.