Wholesale Plants - Evergreen Trees For Small Spaces

Evergreen Trees For Small Spaces Download Printable PDF here

All trees listed require a part shade to full sun unless otherwise mentioned. 

Tristaniopsis laurina

Koonaka Gum  >> Tristaniopsis laurina

Kanooka Gum is an Australian native that will tolerate deoxygenated soils. It therefore prefers moist soils with a slightly acid pH.  It is popular with councils as a street tree and can provide screening or simply be a feature tree on its own.  It has ornamental bark, creamy in colour with mottled grey spots. Produces bright yellow bird-attracting flowers.  Good for coastal gardens.

Height: 8m  Width: 5m
Form:  Upright spreading tree
Foliage:  Oblanceolate dark green leaves that can be quite variable in colour, some red and purple in colder weather.
Flowers: Tea-tree like yellow flowers appear in clusters in early summer

Hakea salicifolia

Willow-leaved Hakea– Hakea salicifolia

A native tree that is great for screening, windbreaks, and for deoxygenated soils.  Shrub-like in appearance,  it produces lots of foliage from the base.  Prefers an open position in well drained soil, is tolerant of a range of soil types but is sensitive to phosphorus.  Seeds are formed on the plant which are not normally shed unless exposed to bush fires. 

Height: 6m   Width: 3m-4m
Form: Compact shrub
Foliage:  Mid green narrow elliptical leaves, with bronze-coloured new growth.
Flowers:  Tiny white flowers in late winter-spring.

Agonis flexuosa ’Burgundy’

Agonis Burgundy  >> Agonis flexuosa ’Burgundy’

A native tree with a gorgeous weeping habit and burgundy-green foliage.  A great small tree for native gardens, windbreaks, or plant several to create an informal screen. Will grow in a range of soil types including clay, humus rich and sandy soil, however it must be well drained. Suitable for coastal gardens. A great low-maintenance tree.

Height:  7m   Width: 5m
Form: Weeping tree
Foliage: Long slender mid green and burgundy leaves, when crushed releases a scent.
Flowers:  Masses of tiny white flowers are produced in late spring.

Agonis ‘After Dark’

Black Agonis  >> Agonis ‘After Dark’

A variety of myrtle that has dark purple, almost black foliage, making it an excellent contrast plant. Similar to Agonis Burgundy, it will tolerate a range of soil conditions but requires a well drained spot in full sun. It will grow happily in coastal areas too.  This native is a  great low-maintenance tree.

Height: 6m   Width: 3.5m
Form: Compact upright tree 
Foliage:  Slim dark purple leaves.
Flowers: Tiny white flowers are produced in late spring.

Callistemon viminalis

Weeping Bottlebrush  >> Callistemon viminalis

Weeping Bottlebrush is used widely as a street tree due to its tolerance of deoxygenated soils, wind, pollution, and fast growth rate. They are planted for their efficacy on preventing erosion. They prefer a well drained position in partial sun. Some popular cultivars include Captain Cook, Hannah Ray and Dawson River Weeper. Bird attracting.

Height: 6m   Width: 3.5m
Form: Weeping rounded tree
Foliage: Stiff mid green leaves, hairy when young.
Flowers: Red Bottlebrush flowers appear in spring and summer.

Corymbia ficifolia ‘Baby Orange’

Dwarf Flowering Gum >> Corymbia ficifolia ‘Baby Orange

Dwarf grafted corymbias are ideal for planting in a native gardens. There is a range to choose from with different flower colours including scarlet, orange, and pink. Flowers attract birds. Dwarf Flowering Gums have good tolerance of coastal conditions and pollution. Some varieties have decorative peeling bark.  Ensure that any suckers below the graft are not left to grow and overtake the grafted plant on top.  Drought tolerant once established. Protect from frost when young. Grow in full sun in well-drained soil.

Height: 2-4m   Width: 2-4m
Form: Broad, dome shamed
Foliage: Dark green leathery leaves
Flowers:  Bright gum flowers in summer turn into barrel shaped gumnuts.

Acacia cognata ‘Lime Magik’

Lime Magik Wattle  >>  Acacia cognata ‘Lime Magik’

Acacia ‘Lime Magik’ is a beautiful native that softens the landscape with its beautiful weeping habit. It forms curtains of long green foliage that hang gracefully from stems, and add an extra element of interest in the garden as they move in the wind. It is fast growing and develops a full spreading habit which makes it ideal for informal screening. It prefers a position in dappled shade, however it will grow in full sun.  A low water use plant, and makes a wonderful backdrop to contrast against other plants in the garden.

Height: 5m   Width: 4m  
Form:  Upright tree with mounds of foliage that give it a variable shape. 
Foliage: Lime green thin leaves that hang down from stem.
Flowers:  Small soft yellow flowers appear from late winter through to spring.

Juniperus scopulorum ‘Blue Arrow’

Blue Arrow Juniper  >> Juniperus scopulorum ‘Blue Arrow’

Narrow in shape, this conifer is perfect for planting in positions like beside driveways, along fences and in pots. Plant to create symmetry and lines in a formal garden setting, or plant with shrubs of various forms, textures and colours to create contrast. Will grow in a variety of soil conditions with sun, as well as coastal gardens.  A low maintenance plant.

Height: 5m   Width: 1m
Form: Narrow upright tree
Foliage:  Tiny bluey-green spikes attach to short upright stems

Flowers: Insignificant

Magnolia grandiflora ‘Teddy Bear’

Teddy Bear Magnolia  >> Magnolia grandiflora ‘Teddy Bear’

A fantastic tree for small spaces due to its compact size.  Can be used as either a feature tree on its own or planted as a dense hedge. Also looks great as a pair in large feature pots.

Height: 3m Width: 1.5m
Form: Cylinder shape growing broader at the base with maturity.
Foliage: Round bright green glossy leaves with a brown leathery underside.
Flowers: Large fragrant white flowers appearing from November to May.

Elaeocarpus reticulatus 

Blueberry Ash >> Elaeocarpus reticulatus 

Blueberry Ash makes a great feature tree due to its mutli-season interest.  It produces lots of foliage from base up, which gives it a lush appearance and makes a superb screening tree. The Blueberry Ash prefers moist but well drained fertile soil. This Australian native provides good shade and shelter once mature.

Height:  10m  Width: 3.5m
Form: Columnar in shape 
Foliage: Dark green leaves that turn shades of bronze/red.

Flowers: Masses of pale pink fringed bell-shaped flowers hang from upright stems in spring, that turn into blue berries.