Wholesale Plants- Evergreen Hedging Plants

Evergreen Hedging Plants   Download Printable PDF here

Here are our Top Evergreen Hedging Plants. We’ve chosen some medium to larger growing varieties, each with different features so there is bound to be one suited to your garden.


Portugal Laurel  >> Prunus lusitanica
A slower growing shrub, however once mature makes a truly stunning hedge especially in formal style gardens. Can also be planted as a feature tree.

Height: 6m Width: 2-3m
Form: Pyramid shape tree
Foliage: Dark green leaves on upright attractive dark red stems

Flowers:  Pendulous white flowers in spring followed by red berries

Pittosporum tenuifolium Screenmaster Screenmaster  >> Pittosporum tenuifolium ‘Screenmaster’
Most popular Pittosporum for hedging due to its bushy, dense upright habit.  It is said to grow up to 1m per year so an ideal choice if you're after a quick cover.

Height: 5-6m Width: 2m
Form: Rounded full shrub 
Foliage: Small green leaves

Flowers:  Insignificant flowers

Viburnum odoratissimum

Sweet Viburnum  >> Viburnum odoratissimum
A rewarding attractive shrub with glossy green leathery leaves, making gardens appear lush.  Leaves can be sensitive to burn on scorching hot days and additional water is required in summer.

Height: 4-6m Width: 4m
Form: Dense shrub
Foliage: Oval shaped glossy green leaves

Flowers:  Small white flowers with a subtle fragrance

Murraya paniculata

Orange Jessamine  >> Murraya paniculata 
A neat shrub which clips well as a dense hedge. This is a popular choice because of its lightly fragrant perfume produced from small white flowers borne in spring through to summer.

Height: 3m Width: 1.5m
Form: Dense shrub
Foliage: Attractive glossy green leaves. New growth a fresh lime green colour

Flowers: Small cream coloured flowers that appear from spring through to summer

Choisya ternata

Mexican Orange Blossom  >>  Choisya ternata
This is a great alternative to Murraya paniculata for shadier spots. The flowers produce a scent similar to blossoms on orange fruit trees.

Height: 1-2m  Width: 1-2m
Form: Rounded full shrub Foliage: Small oval dark green
Flowers: Clusters of small white flowers appearing in spring

Photinia robusta Red Leaved Photinia  >> Photinia robusta
The highlight of this fast growing shrub is its bright red new growth. It can also be grown as a small tree. Varieties to consider include Red Robin, Super Bronze and Black Jack.

Height: 8m   Width: 4m
Form: Wide rounded shrub/small tree 
Foliage: Medium glossy green leaves, bright red new growth

Flowers:  Clusters of small white flowers appear in spring followed by bright red berries

Viburnum tinus

Laurustinus  >> Viburnum tinus
A reliable evergreen shrub that creates winter interest with its attractive pink and white colouredflowers. Hardy to frost and drought, and can be hard pruned.

Height: 3m  Width: 3m  
Form: Rounded full shrub 
Foliage: Dark green leaves with lime green new growth from the base up 

Flowers: Pink buds break into white flowers in winter