Wholesale Plants - Deciduous Magnolia

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Deciduous Magnolias are truly magnificent, bringing a spectacular show of flowers in late winter to liven up the garden and remind us that spring is just around the corner.  These elegant blooms sit on bare branches which develop green foliage in spring.  Magnolias produce a beautiful fragrance in addition to their rewarding floral display. There are many cultivars to choose from.  Trees may take a few years to start producing flowers.  Generally, they are considered a slow-growing plant.

Magnolias make fabulous feature trees in smaller gardens or can be planted in groups in a garden bed for show stopping impact in larger gardens. Also look great planted nearby perennials such as helleborus, native violas and in more formal gardens, set with english box and gardenias.

Add organic matter when planting and mulch well as magnolias have many fibrous roots that lay close to the soil surface. For this reason, roots are best left undisturbed so avoid planting shrubs over the root ball.

Plant in fertile well drained soil that is slightly acidic.

Magnolias are best planted where they are not exposed to high wind that will destroy their flowers and burn their leaves.  A sunny spot is ideal. If planted in part shade they produce less flowers. Some varieties are more frost tender than others, so plant these cultivars in a more protected position.

Deciduous magnolias require minimal pruning, but best to do in autumn if required.

Magnolias may require a bit of extra watering particularly on hot windy days.

Fertilise in spring.


Leaf Spot – Can be bacterial or fungal. A fungicide will help control the spread.
Scale Insects – Use white oil to rid the plants of these pests.
Slugs & Snails – Apply snail pellets around the base to protect new growth.

Magnolia denudata

Yulan Magnolia >> Magnolia denudata

A widely available magnolia that requires a bit more space to accommodate spreading lower branches.

Height: 5-6m   Width: 4-7m
Form: An upright tree with a wide, low branching network. 
Foliage: Large green oval leaves.

Flowers: Spectacular ivory coloured flowers with strong perfume.

Magnolia stellata ‘Rosea’

Pink Star Magnolia  >>  Magnolia stellata ‘Rosea’

One of the most prolific flowering magnolias, this shrub/small tree is ideal for smaller gardens.

Height: 3m   Width: 4m
Form: Spreading shrub with age 
Foliage: Young leaves appear bronze-green in colour, changing to dark green oblong shaped. Yellow autumn colour.

Flowers: Palm-sized star-like flowers stay open to reveal single pink and white tepals . Subtle fragrance.

Magnolia x soulangeana ‘Black Tulip’

Black Tulip Magnolia  >> Magnolia x soulangeana ‘Black Tulip

A slow growing compact tree that produces more blooms with age.  Makes a beautiful feature tree in either a small or large garden.

Height: 5m   Width: 1.5m
Form: An compact tree with an open habit. 
Foliage: Large oval shaped leaves.

Flowers: Fragrant deep burgundy maintaining a broad tulip-shaped bloom.

Magnolia Elizabeth

Magnolia Elizabeth >> Magnolia acuminata x M. denudata 'Elizabeth'

Magnolia Elizabeth is a moderate growing tree with lovely cream-yellow flowers.

Height:  6m  Width: 2m  
Form: Upright small/medium tree. 
Foliage: Large green leaves.

Flowers: Luminous yellow vase-shaped flowers  in late spring.


Vulcan Magnolia  >>  Magnolia x soulangeana ‘Vulcan’

This is a hybrid form with a compact growing habit. The first flowers on young plants may be a muddy purple and not true to type. Once established, subsequent flowers are true magenta.

Height: 4.5-6m   Width: 4m
Form: An upright pyramid shaped tree. 
Foliage: Large green oval leaves.

Flowers: Deep magenta

Magnolia sunspire

Magnolia Sunspire  >> Magnolia x ‘Sunspire’ 

Another hybrid magnolia.  It has an upright, columnar habit ideal for small spaces and courtyards.

Height: 3.5m   Width: 1m
Form: An upright tree with ascending branches. 
Foliage: Glossy dark green leaves.

Flowers: Yellow tulip-shaped flowers in spring.

Magnolia Butterflies

Magnolia Butterflies  >> Magnolia ‘Butterflies’

A new hybrid form of Magnolia that is small growing, and has spectacular deep yellow flowers.

Height: 3m   Width: 2m
Form: Small pyramid-shaped tree. 
Foliage: Dark green leaves with grey autumn colour.

Flowers: Deep yellow star–shaped flowers in spring with a light lemon oil scent.

Magnolia liliiflora Nigra 

Black Lily Magnolia  >> Magnolia liliiflora Nigra 

Magnolia Nigra makes an outstanding specimen tree with its elegant narrow flowers and long flowering season.

Height: 4m   Width: 3m
Form: Small upright tree Foliage: Dark green leaves with grey autumn colour.
Flowers: Narrow deep purple flowers that sit upright on branches from winter.

Magnolia Lennei Alba

Magnolia Lennei Alba >> Magnolia soulangeana ‘Lennei Alba’ 

A wonderful white flowering Magnolia that produces masses of flowers.

Height: 4m   Width: 3m
Form: Small shrubby tree.
Foliage: Mid green leaves.

Flowers: Pure white tulip-shaped flowers that produce a subtle lemon fragrance in late winter. They are more resistant to the elements than other magnolias.

Magnolia Caerhays Belle

Magnolia Caerhays Belle  >> Magnolia x 'Caerhays Belle’

A pink flowering Magnolia that grows into a large tree.  Can take a few years to produce a good show of flowers.

Height: 6m   Width: 4m
Form: Pyramid-shape tree. 
Foliage: Large oval shaped leaves.

Flowers: Flowers early in the season producing stunning pink cup-shaped flowers.

Magnolia- Star-Wars

Star Magnolia  >> Magnolia x 'Star Wars'

A great choice of magnolia with a long flowering season that produces large stunning pink flowers. A vigorous grower.

Height: 4m  Width: 4m  
Form: Spreading bushy tree.
Foliage: Large glossy mid-green leaves.

Flowers: Dark red buds opening to huge deep-rose pink flowers from mid-late spring.