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Anigozanthos Bush Dance 14cm

Botanical Name: Anigozanthos Bush Gem hybrid Bush Dance
Common Names: Bush Dance Kangaroo Paw , Anigozanthos Bush Dance
Foliage Type: Evergreen
Native Yes
Plant Type: Perennial
Plant Habit: Clumping, Tufting
Typical Availability High

Bush Gem Kangaroo Paws have a proven record for consistent quality and performance. Used extensively in commercial landscapes and home gardens alike. Use in-ground or large pots. They look great mass planted. Used as a cut-flower, will have a 2 week vase life. Bush Dance had the iconic bright red and emerald green colours of kangaroo paw derived from the species manglesii. Enjoy this short-lived stunner in a patio pot. Grows approx 60cm x 60cm

Mature Height: 30-60cm Position: Full Sun, Semi-Shade
Mature Width: 30-60cm Soil Type: Well Drained

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