Wisteria sinensis

Wisteria sinensis is a magical climber that steals the show come Spring when its blooms are out in full glory. This deciduous long-lived vine is covered in long pendulous purple flowers borne on bare stems from spring through to summer.


The most commonly grown form is the Chinese Wisteria which produces mauve flowers. Other varieties include the Japanese Wisteria which produces masses of white flowers, and a pink form also exists but is not as widely cultivated.  


As Wisteria is a creeper, it requires a sturdy support frame such a fence, pergola, verandah or arch. Bear in mind if you are growing it over framework where you walk under, ensure that it is high enough for you to pass under when the flowers hang down in Spring.


Once flowering is over, the Wisteria will provide a good source of shade and foliage cover as it produces masses of long pinnate leaves. You can give it a trim back when flowering has finished, and it can benefit from a second trim to maintain its spread, as it is a vigorous grower. Leaves will turn a golden yellow and die down in Autumn.


Wisterias perform best in a sunny spot and are hardy once established. Plant with organic matter in free draining soil. Wisterias will not only provide you with a stunning floral display, they will reward you with a beautiful perfume and create a wonderful feature to admire.