Trachelospermum jasminoides

Trachelospermum jasminoides

Trachelospermum jasminoides or Chinese Star Jasmine as it’s commonly known, is an evergreen climber that is adored for its beautiful fragrance. It has a long flowering season from spring through to autumn, when it is covered in masses of pretty star-like flowers.


Trachy jas needs a support or frame to climb. As you can see here it can be grown decoratively to form a pattern against a wall, similar to that achieved with espaliering plants. It can also be espaliered against lattice, in pots or courtyards. It is commonly grown up fences and across pergolas where it will put on a spectacular display of flowers and a beautiful fragrance as you walk past.


Trachy jas can be used to soften a landscape where its natural form will spill over its support, or it can create more structured look when grown over geometric shapes and trimmed back more regularly to maintain a more formal appearance. You can also use it as a groundcover. For the cover to be nice and dense, it will need to be pruned several times throughout the year to encourage new growth and bushiness.


When pruning, you may notice that it leaks a white milky sap. This sap is can cause skin irritation in some, so best to wear gardening gloves when pruning.  Chinese Star Jasmine can tolerate a range of soil types however it prefers well drained soils. It will need additional water during establishment and in hot periods, however it can tolerate extended dry periods. It will grow in part shade to full sun.


Other forms available include Trachelospermum asiaticum and Trachelospermum jasminoides Tricolor, which has attractive variegated foliage, with new shoots a pink colour fading to mottled cream and green. 


Chinese Star Jasmine is such a rewarding and versatile plant. Come into Plantmark to get one today!