Syzygium australe Resilience

Here is one of Plantmark’s most popular plants – Syzygium australe Resilience. Or commonly called the Resilience Lilly Pilly.

A fast growing evergreen native with deep green glossy foliage and flushes of orange new growth throughout the year. In spring, clusters of fluffy white flowers appear all over the plant, followed by red berries.


Syzygium Resilence is psyllid resistant, hence its name, making it a very popular choice for landscapers. Psyllids are tiny sap sucking insects that cause the disfiguring bumps on the leaves of many Lilly Pilly varieties. But not this one!


It grows to approximately 2-3m and 2m wide when mature.  Best to plant in full sun to part shade. It will grow in most soil types, but it prefers fertile, well drained soils.  If using as a hedge, prune regularly to promote colourful new growth. And feed with a slow release organic fertiliser in spring.


There are so many Lilly Pilly varieties out there, but this is one of our favourites at Plantmark, and could soon be yours too. Come in and have a look today.