Syzygium australe Hinterland Gold

This video introduces the versatile Syzygium australe Hinterland Gold (Hinterland Gold Lilly Pilly).

Syzygium australe Hinterland Gold is an evergreen native that is a popular choice for medium size screens.
It produces lots of dense, glossy green foliage which has attractive copper coloured new growth.
Once fully grown, the mature height can reach between 3-4 metres tall by 1m wide which is great for screening.
Or, it can be left to grow into its narrow upright, habit, which also makes it ideal when space is an issue in your garden.


In Spring, small creamy-white flowers appear that turn into fleshy magenta coloured berries.
It can be planted in pots and trims really well as a topiary specimen in a formal garden. Syzygium Hinterland Gold has a medium growth rate, but to stimulate new growth prune lightly in Spring and after flowering to encourage new growth. Feed with a general purpose fertilizer in the warmer months.


Hinterland Gold will grow best in a sunny spot in well drained soil. Plant with organic matter and mulch to establish well. Syzygium Hinterland Gold is one of our favourites here at Platmark and is available in a wide variety of sizes from 14cm pots to established shrubs.