Syzygium australe Firescreen

Take a look at the wonderful Syzygium australe ‘Firescreen’, also known as Acmena smithii Firescreen or commonly known as a type of Lilly Pilly. This highlight of this versatile evergreen shrub would have to be its gorgeous bright red new growth which is produced year round, which makes it an eye catching feature in the garden indeed!


It is fast growing, and has plenty of dense foliage starting right from the bottom of the main stem, making it perfect for screening and topiary.  This particular variety of Lily Pilly is psyllid resistant, so it won’t get those pimply bumps on the foliage that some other varieties get.  This might just be the ideal  plant for planting poolside, as it produces less fruit that other Lilly Pillies, so that means less mess on the paving or deck.


Syzygium Firescreen will grow to about 4m tall by 1.5m wide, and is drought, heat wave and cold tolerant. Firescreen will grow either in part shade to full sun. Plant with organic matter in well drained soil, and feed with a slow release fertilizer. To stimulate new growth and get the most of out of the coloured foliage, prune lightly several times throughout the year.  


Why not come down to Plantmark to have a look at our Syzygium Firescreens, they might just be the perfect plant for your next garden project.