Murraya paniculata

Murraya paniculata is a favourite hedging plant here at Plantmark. Commonly known as Orange Jessamine, it is a popular plant used by gardeners and landscapers alike because of its lush green foliage and steady growth rate, which is a desirable feature in hedging plants.


Murraya’s produce attractive lime-green coloured new growth which turns dark green with age. Foliage is produced from the base of the plant which is ideal for screening. This shrub has creamy white flowers in late spring and summer which have a subtle sweet fragrance.


Murrayas respond well to a good prune which will help maintain the shape, and keep the plant looking lush and full. Best to prune after flowering in Autumn, or throughout the growing season, however bear in mind you may sacrifice the flowers if you prune in Spring.They will grow to a mature height of about 2.5m tall and 1.5m wide, or can be clipped into shape or into a low hedge.


Murrayas need free draining soil and will need additional water in the hotter, drier months. They will benefit from a spring feed with a slow release fertiliser and should be planted with organic matter such as manure or compost.


They do grow at their best in warmer climates from Sydney to the east coast of Queenland but also do well in protected positions in Melbourne. They are sensitive to frost.


Plantmark have Murrayas available in 10cm pots right up to established 45L pots, and can be grown as standards too.