Lomandra longifolia Verday

Here’s a new variety of Lomandra which is exclusive to us at Plantmark at the time of filming.


It is a stunning, improved form of Lomandra longifolia. Bred for its hardiness. It’s been tested in various sites and climatic conditions and by many different growers since 2009, and has proved very reliable.


Verday is compact, fine leafed, fast growing, very hardy and long lived.  It has bright green soft foliage with long showy yellow flowers in Spring and Autumn. It grows in full sun to part shade in most soil conditions.   omandra Verday tolerates high levels of drought and frost.  Grows to 50cm high and wide.  Looks fabulous mass planted.


Ideal for median strips, roadside plantings and revegetation projects. Great background filler for gardens. Looks impressive in containers and pots.


Lomandra Verday is a true all rounder. And exclusive to Plantmark, so come in and see this new variety for yourself and add it to your next landscape project.