Limonium perezii

This video showcases Limonium perezii, which is a popular plant, ideal for planting in rockeries and perennial borders. Commonly known as Statice or Sea Lavender, it has both funky foliage and long lasting bright flowers.


As you can see, the foliage has undulating margins that are an attractive blue-green colour, forming a rosette shape. Tiny white flowers are hidden amongst bright purple calyx that sit on stems above the foliage in Spring through to Autumn.


Once flowers are looking past their best, simply cut them off at the base of the stem. Limonium perezii looks fantastic when mass planted. Its foliage creates textural interest and the masses of purple calyx provide a line of eye-catching bright colour.


They are fairly tough plants and will go long periods without water. Grows best in full sun and will tolerate some shade. Sea lavender will tolerate coastal conditions too.

Limoniums grow to about 30cm-40cm wide and the flowers reach up to 45cm tall. The are widely available at Plantmark locations.