Eucalyptus Silver Princess

Eucalyptus Silver Princess is a unique tree that could just be the ideal feature tree for your next native garden project! It is commonly referred to as Silver Princess or Gungurru, and originates from Western Australia where it grows naturally on rocky outcrops.

Silver Princess has a wide, spreading open shape that grows to a mature size of 6-8m tall and 3-6m wide. The openness of the canopy allows plenty of light to filter through which is ideal for under planting with native grasses or ground covers.  Also great if you want to keep light coming through in particular aspects around the home or building where it is planted. It is suitable tree for park and garden landscape projects where space will allow it to grow into its natural shape.

This tree offers several rewarding features to be admired, including decorative peeling bark, smooth silvery/white branches, attractive large gumnuts, and beautiful pinky-red flowers that attract native wildlife and bees.

The trunk of the tree grows in a winding organic shape, with broad arching branches leaning out from the centre. Smooth red stems are covered in a white residue as they age which gives the tree its silvery appearance. Stems hang from the weeping branches in a pendulous nature.

Thin pointed cylinder shaped pink buds swell before the buds burst into bloom in Spring. A second flush of flowers may also occur in late Autumn through to Winter.  Flower colour is usually bright crimson or lighter pink with yellow tips. Once flowering finishes, large urn-shaped gumnuts begin to form.  

Eucalyptus Silver Princess grows well in temperate areas of Australia with lower rainfall and humidity.  It requires well-drained soil and a position in full sun. Strong winds can damage the tree so best planted in a spot that is not open to strong howling winds!

The tree is best left unpruned so its natural shape can be appreciated, however the weight of gumnuts can weigh branches down and cause them to bend. Branches can be removed if they have the potential to break and damage property. 

Eucalyptus Silver Princess are an easy to grow, unique tree and are available in many sizes at Plantmark.