Dietes sp.


In this video we will look at a few different types of Dietes, one of the most popular landscape lines here at Plantmark.  Dietes are widespread in urban sites because they are low maintenance, drought tolerant, and flower repeatedly. They can be very much planted and left alone.


These plants are rhizomatous evergreen perennials and are typically located in the grass and tubestock areas of the market positioned with other strappy leaved plants. Let’s look at a few different varieties of Dietes:


Dietes bicolor is the yellow-flowering form of Dietes commonly known as the Peacock Flower. This form of Dietes has a more graceful arching habit than that of the white flowering variety. It has strappy lime green leaves that form in clumps. Flat yellow iris-like flowers with distinctive brown dots appear across the foliage throughout spring and summer.


Dietes bicolour will grow to roughly 80cm-1m tall and wide.The white flowering Dieties grandilfora and Dietes iridoides are very similar in appearance.  Both have stiff upright strappy leaves and white iris-like flowers with yellow and purple markings and brown spots.


Dietes grandflora can be distinguished by its larger flowers and it’s larger mature size. Plants will grow up to 1.2m tall. 

Dietes iridoides forms a more dense, compact clump, growing to 60cm tall. As they do have the potential to set seed easily they have been classified as an invasive weed in some states of Australia.  So please check with local councils prior to planting.


They can be easily divided every 2-3 years to produce new plants. Dietes can look a bit ratty if left untouched.  Simply remove old leaves. Councils tend to use brush cutters to chop dietes. They do bounce back but this method doesn’t really thin out the foliage.  


Dietes will grow in part shade to full sun, and in a variety of soils. They are tolerant of coastal conditions and can be seen growing happily in car parks, and road verges. They look great mass planted, can be used an accent plant, planted in rockeries, or near water features.


Dietes varieties are always available at Plantmark in a range of size from tubes to 20cm pots.  Come in and visit us today.