Crowea salinga

Here is a beautiful Australian Native – the Crowea saligna.


A very popular evergreen shrub with light green foliage which is slighted scented. The leaves are small and rather narrow, growing about 5cm in length. The highlight of the Crowea saligna is its abundant pink star-shaped flowers that appear throughout the year.  It forms a nice dense bush, perfect for low hedging. Just prune to shape after flowering.


It grows in full sun to part shade and prefers moist, well draining soil.  A low maintenance, hardy plant with low water requirements once established.  Grows to approximately 1m high by 0.5m wide.


Crowea saligna is ideal in most landscapes as a specimen plant, mass planted or for hedging. Looks impressive in containers and pots too. Crowea saligna is a great option and we have many other Crowea varieties available to choose from too. Come into Plantmark and have a look today.