Clivia miniata

Clivia miniata is a favourite because of its extreme hardiness and bright funnel-like flowers that bring a pop of colour to shade-filled areas.


Yellow and orange flowering forms are available, with a couple of different cultivars to choose from.  Some with fatter thick leaves, others with a more long slender leaf.


The flowering period will last from late winter though to late spring.


Clivias look great mass planted, and are commonly seen planted under trees in dry shade. They are also happy growing in pots, and make long lasting cut flowers. Clivias make a great contrast planted under purple flowering trees and shrubs. They grow to about 30-60cm high and wide.


Ornamental Round seed heads will form after flowering. These can be removed if you do not want them to set seed and develop into plants in the years to come.


Clivias can be easily divided after flowering, for you to plant elsewhere in the garden.  Clivias are sensitive to cold and frost, and leaves will burn if exposed to hot north westerly summer sun. They will also appreciate a good drink in summer too.


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